Treadmills & Sole Fitness Store – 2021 Update

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Updated Sole Treadmills In Store 2021

We have new treadmills models arriving shortly, primary SOLE Treadmills (the SOLE F80 treadmill 2021 model among others) and the 2021 Horizon Fitness equipment collection.

N.B.! This article is slightly out-of-date, and we are in the process of rewriting parts of it. An updated version will be published in 2021. Thank you for your understanding and patience. -Master Jackie Leven et al.

I will keep you updated.

SOLE Fitness is a leader in the fitness equipment industry, making high quality elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, and treadmills. SOLE fitness equipment is commonly found in use at various hotels in their fitness centers, which tells us right there that they are durable and well made to be able to stand up to that kind of use.

horizon fitness

SOLE treadmills provide the user with a quality piece of machinery that was made to perform and designed with performance in mind. While their machines are sturdy enough to be used in the hotel industry and in light commerical use, they also make the perfect at home workout solution. One of their most popular models is the new SOLE F80 treadmill (2021 model).

sole fitness

Instead of spending tons of money on a gym or fitness center membership, you can invest in one of their quality pieces of fitness equipment to use right at home. Just make sure to chose one of the top reputable sole treadmill retailers.


* F63 SOLE Treadmill

Hailed by numerous consumer magazines and resources, the F63 is said to be the best quality treadmill in its price range.

Features six pre-set programs that include cardio and fat burning, speed and incline controls on the arm rests, and cooling fans. Features a display that tells the user their incline, speed, distance, pulse, pace, calories burned, and distance traveled. Engineered to be foldable with the Easy Assist Folding Deck design, to maintain a stable base during use, and to operate quietly. Uses the same high quality rollers, belts, steel frames, and high torque motor with flywheels as the previously mentioned model.

* F65 SOLE Treadmill

A combination of the best features of models F63 and F80.

Similar to the F63 model, this model has a few upgrades that set it apart. Differences between the F63 and the F65 are that the F65 has a more powerful motor, challenging speeds up to 12mph, up to 15 level incline options, larger 20 x 60 deck, and larger LCD display of 7.5 inches. Deck locks into place when not in use for safety. This is all in addition to the other high quality features mentioned for the F63 model.

* F80 SOLE Treadmill

The SOLE F80 is another SOLE treadmill model that has been rated by consumers as the best in its price range. This year there is new and upgraded model available called the New SOLE F80 Treadmill. There are many reviews of this new model online. Make sure to find a review that are from a customer who bought and reviewed the latest model. SOLE Fitness regularly upgrade their models with new features i.e. the model from 2010 can significantly differ compared to the model from 2013 (and the 2016 model) which in turn significantly differs from the latest 2021 model (thanks Tom @!).

sole f80 treadmill showdown

Engineered to reduce impact by 40% due to the Cushion Flex Whisper Deck and suspension system. Large 22 x 60 inch running surface, vibrant 7.5 inch LCD display, and powerful 3.5 CHP motor.

The SOLE F80 treadmill includes several safety features as well as easily adjustable incline and speed controls on the arm rests.

* F85 SOLE Treadmill

An upgrade from the older model, this new model, the SOLE F85 treadmill, features an even stronger motor of 4.0 CHP and a reinforced frame design. It is the bigger brother to the F80 model mentioned above. As such it is also a little bit more expensive. It comes with a sturdier design and more features that it’s little brother. Quality wise they are very similar.

sole f85 treadmill console

Premium crowned rollers, durable nylon belt , and large 9 inch LCD display set this model apart from others. Because of the stronger motor and frame construction,this model is ideal for persons who are of heavier weight than average. The SOLE F85 Features large 22 inch running surface, six auto-programs, and two workouts customized by the user.

The SOLE F85 treadmill can accommodate up to 400 pounds, therefor, as noted above, it is suitable even for heavier people.

* TT8 SOLE Light Commercial Treadmill

This model has the strongest frame, deck, and motor of all the SOLE ttreadmill models.

Designed for all types of use from all types of users, and perfectly suitable for commerical use but at a much more reasonable price. The very best machine in the SOLE treadmill line, considered to be an engineering marvel in every aspect.

* F60 SOLE Treadmill From 2016 Has Been Discontinued

The F60 was the most affordable and cheapest of the SOLE Fitness treadmills available for residential use.

If you own one of these, you will know that this treadmill features ten standard programs, informative display console, cooling fans, and sound system. Has a 2.75 CHP, DC type motor, and can reach speeds of 5 to 12 mph. Engineering aspects of this model include a folding deck design with rack and pinion system and Easy Assist folding feature to assist with unfolding the deck. Convenient controls allow user to easily adjust speed and incline. The Cushion Flex Whipser deck made for a comfortable and quiet workout and reduces impact by 40%. Frame is precision welded and also bulletproof. Model has a large LCD display screen, message board to monitor your workouts, double woven two-ply belts, and high end rollers. The F60 is also engineered to have a vibration free walking/running surface through use of high torque motors with flywheels.

*S77 SOLE Treadmill From 2012 Has Been Discontinued

This model featured a strong 4.0 Cont. Duty HP motor, large 22 inch deck, and 9 inch LCD display.

If you will happen to buy a used one, you will find that it automatically adjusts when in the heart-rate training mode to keep user within target heart rate zone. It includes a wireless chest strap. This heavy duty model can accommodate users up to 400 pounds. Has all of the great engineering features of other models including Cushion Flex Whisper Deck and precision welded frame.

* Benefits Of Owning A SOLE Treadmill

SOLE takes great pride in maintaining high standards for the exercise equipment, so you can be certain anything you purchase from them uses only the finest components.

All parts, including rollers, motors, belts, and even the steel pieces are made to perform well. Attention is given to every detail, and the engineering used in designing the equipment is outstanding. A treadmill is the perfect starter piece of equipment for home use, whether you simply want one piece of equipment, or plan to create an entire home gym. Whether you’re a real fitness buff, or just beginning a workout routine, the treadmill allows you to get in a good workout and put in some miles while never having to leave your home. No need to worry about setting aside extra time to drive back and forth to the gym, and no need to worry about not getting your daily run in because of poor weather conditions.

A SOLE Fitness treadmill is there when you need it, day or night, rain or shine, our current recommendation is the new and upgraded Sole F80 (2021 model), should you have any special requests or concerns, you can find my contact information here.