About SOLE Fitness

SOLE Fitness is a widely recognized name in the fitness equipment industry and also has the honor of being the fastest growing brand of fitness equipment over the past five years in both Canada and the United States.

SOLE Fitness has been in business for decades in North America and is regularly adding new international dealers as they expand their business to reach other areas of the globe. In spite of their increased popularity and increased volume in sales, SOLE remains committed to providing the same kind of quality workmanship and excellent customer service that they did when they were first starting out. SOLE Fitness continues to back their products and provide their customers with top notch service and warranties that other similar companies don’t come close to. SOLE Fitness is a company that truly understands that the customers are who have made their business flourish in the past and present, and who will be the reason for continued future success.

* SOLE Is A Preferred Brand Of Hotels

Many nationwide hotels choose SOLE Fitness products for their fitness centers.

SOLE is a preferred brand due to the fact that the equipment provides excellent performance and is built to last even under rigorous and frequent use by hotel patrons. SOLE equipment is engineered to be used in such settings as hotels and sales have since spilled over to reach the residential and light commercial market as well. SOLE provides the perfect small gym necessities such as treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes at an affordable price. If you’ve ever thought of trading in your expensive gym membership to invest in your own personal gym equipment, SOLE Fitness products are the way to go.

You will get superior quality fitness equipment that still fits the budget.

* SOLE Constantly Strives To Improve Their Products

SOLE Fitness is a company that continuously strives to create a quality and superior product, but they don’t just stop at that.

This company is always seeking ways to improve upon their already top of the line equipment. SOLE looks for ways to make their products more efficient or of even higher quality, while at the same time keeping prices reasonable for their customers. Aside from creating great products, SOLE Fitness also takes pride in their employees and in providing them with a pleasant working environment. From the research and development team members, to their helpful customer support staff, SOLE Fitness takes pride in their reliable and capable staff members.

* Engineering Staff

The engineering and design specialists at SOLE Fitness understand that customers purchase their fitness equipment with one objective in mind, getting fit and losing weight.

Therefore, they ensure that the customers get the most satisfaction from their exercise equipment. It doesn’t stop there though. SOLE engineers are always thinking about ways to make SOLE products even better. The engineers at SOLE have designed these high quality pieces of equipment with attention being paid to important manufacturing details such as biomechanics and ergonomics. In other words, the engineers take care of the “engineering” that makes the machines work well with your body, placing less strain on certain body parts so that everything runs smoothly, provides an excellent workout, with low impact. They take care of all these aspects so that the user can focus and concentrate on their fitness workout without worrying about how their machine is manufactured.

* Conclusion

SOLE Fitness provides users with reliable, well engineered fitness equipment.

They offer quality treadmills made for performance that use only the finest components available. They offer superior elliptical trainers that are designed to provide a full body workout with very low impact. SOLE also offers top of the line exercise bikes made to provide comfort to the user at an affordable cost. They also make accessories to enhance your workout experience, such as the fitness equipment mat that helps to prevent carpet fibers getting entangled in your fitness equipment. Also available are the Invu LCD 15 inch and 19 inch television models so that you can catch your favorite shows during your workout.

Customers can take comfort in knowing that even though SOLE Fitness is growing and expanding, they remain committed to providing the same highest quality products and the same customer service standards that customers have come to expect.